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Augusta SPA

Charter Service Spa “Our Classics”
Charter “Spring-Summer Collection”

Welcome to a universe of pleasurable sensations for the senses, relaxation and leisure delight. The Augusta Spa offers new concepts of Health, Beauty and Wellness: inspired by Zen Spirit, which fills the atmosphere of all our spaces through its light, color, atmosphere, aromas… and it allows the smooth flow of Feng Shui , flooding of peace and harmony throughout our Spa…

The Augusta Spa includes after the recent opening of the new facilities of the Building Number 2 with more than 7,000 m2 dedicated entirely to the Water Culture (over 17,000 m2 the Resort).
We have not only the best and latest technologies for body relaxation, but also personalized service exercise. An offer complemented by a broad range of cosmetic services and nutrition that invites relaxation and a well deserved rest: 6 heated pools (swimming and dynamics with lymphatic drainage, jet chairs, water beds, magic mushroom, waterfalls, swan necks…),a great variety of massages (full, Shirodhara Ayurveda, Watsu in Flotarium, Shiatsu, Shi-Tao with volcanic stones, Balinese…), Zhu Gan, Photon Platinum capsule, Flotarium, Jet, Bathtubs (sludge, algae, Cleopatra, essential oils, Chopard ® crystals…), beauty treatments from top firms… and Personal Trainner service with a focus on body and mind.
Besides, thanks to the recent expansion and renovation of our facilities, we have incorporated services such as a new dynamic pool, outdoor Celta Jacuzzi (heated all year at 34 °), an outdoor Finnish sauna… standing out for their relevance and impact, our new children’s Spa in building number 2. Youngest guests have spectacular new facilities designed entirely for your enjoyment and safety: their own Jacuzzi and waterfalls, and swimming area and children’s AquaPark. These facilities are appended (Building #2) and acoustically separated from adults pool, thus allowing greater enjoyment of all our guests, complemented by the pool exclusively for adults (Building Number 1).

One Spa Week is Worth for Many Years…