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Grupo Sol Vida Hoteles

Social Commitment

Throughout our years of professional career, we planted a culture of social responsibility that projects both to ourselves and to our customers.

This social commitment leads us to make a set of initiatives initiatives to improve the quality of life of the most disadvantaged people, launching and developing actions shared with our customers through NGOs.

Years ago we developed a number of joint actions with Intermon Oxfam, an independent NGO with over 50 years experience, campaigns for cultural and economic development of disadvantaged communities at different latitudes.

Donations have helped fund projects such as an educational project in the Paraguayan Chaco worth 30.000 euros, a project of formation of productive resources in Peru worth 28.000 euros, a project of rural education in India worth 19,000 euros, and nowadays a project to strengthen the organizations of small farmers in Guatemala worth 40,000 euros.

These funds are the result of the collection made in the campaign held in conjunction with our guests, who are given the opportunity – every time stayin in our establishments to collaborate with one euro per day charged to their account, to destine the impulse and development of these important acts of solidarity solidarity actions that contribute to generating wealth and opportunities for those most disadvantaged people.

These contributions are added to those pursued by the Solvida Hoteles Spa & Design Group itself, that complement and reinforce the financial agreements established with the NGO Intermon Oxfam.

The donations are audited and verified by a notary, thus ensuring complete transparency at all times to our guests of the proper use of those funds with integrity.
We also collaborated with the sale of fair trade products, also making this option available to our guests in all our establishments.

In a word, we benefit from cultivating social responsibility in many ways. In addition to taking measures against the growing problems that are affecting humanity, we achieved a stronger identity and sense of belonging of our team and our collaborators, so getting our best deal, not only short-term vision, but also looking to the future.