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Social Commitment

Social Commitment

Social Commitment

It has been an exciting first 20 years of the 21st century where we have sown a strong and determined Culture of Social Responsibility. This Culture entails a marked projection both locally, nationally and abroad, with solidarity campaigns in which we have always had the selfless acts and hard work for our customers.

As a result of this social commitment, we have carried out a plethora of initiatives aimed at improving the quality of life of the most disadvantaged. We have conducted these initiatives by launching and developing actions of solidarity with several NGOs, local, national and international organizations, of varied reputations and skill sets.

Our collaboration with OXFAM INTERMÓN, a dependent NGO with more than 70 years of irrefutable experience, also fulfills almost two decades of joint development of solidarity projects that enhance the cultural and economic development of disadvantaged communities in different regions. These campaigns have been driven both by contributions from the Resort and its family owner and an added thanks to the invaluable contributions of our customers.

Some of the developments carried out are: 1) an education project in the Paraguayan Chaco worth30,000 €; 2) a project to train productive resources in Peru worth  28,000€; 3) a rural education project in India worth  19,000€; 4) a project to strengthen small farmers’ organizations in Guatemala worth 40,000€; and 5) water and hygiene purification programs in Chad (37,000€), so that families in 15 communities have access to clean and safe water, so that basic drinking water no longer posed a threat.

In 2016, we reinforced this collaboration with the innovative program “Companies That Change Lives”, which has the objective to fight against poverty through the promotion of small businesses, and promoting the leadership of women. It is a pioneering development approach, because it is based on: the creation of companies and opportunities; on developing Subject Matter Experts (SMEs); on promoting change in poor communities; and, generating wealth and jobs in the less fortunate communities.

However, the most crucial point is that it helps thousands of people, especially women, to escape poverty through their own efforts, empowering them with economic and social independence, thus reaffirming their confidence in themselves and their future. This program participates in different projects, especially in West Africa and Latin America. Some examples of these projects are: our work in Bolivia to improve the marketing of honey and fish; a project in Burkina Faso for the creation of a local, high-quality rice marketing company; and, a project in Mauritania for the professionalization of the fishing products team, with an expected contribution of more than  15,000€. Additionally, coinciding with our 20th Anniversary, this year we have started a close collaboration with the Vicente Ferrer Foundation, developing 2 solidarity projects in the most needy regions of India. These two projects are:

  1. Scholarships to ensure access to the University of Students: the objective is to ensure that the students who obtained the best academic results in high school exams have access to the University to broaden their possibilities for the future. Scholarship allowances are used to finance high school student material, trips, stays, allowances and tuition fees. 2. Residential Center for Children with Intellectual Disability: the goal is to provide new opportunities so that children with intellectual disabilities can receive a quality education that ultimately favors their social integration. It provides them with equal opportunities in the future including rehabilitation and therapeutic for the development of vocational skills and daily life. The funding has been made possible by collections made during the solidarity campaigns developed in conjunction with our guests. The guests are given the option to contribute each time they stay in our establishments at a nominal donation of  1€ per night of stay. These donations are allocated to the promotion and development of these fundamental solidarity projects, which we use to generate wealth and opportunities where it is most needed. In addition, we create a compounding effect of these donations by matching each guest donation with an equal amount.

Another of the collaborative options we offer is the sale of fair trade products, available at various points of sale in our Resort.

Closer to home, we have developed the program “Think Globally, Act Locally”, where we have collaborated for many years with different associations here at home. For example, we work with Caritas Diocesanas, as well as with the Animal Shelters of Villagarcía and of Pontevedra. These organizations perform invaluable work in helping the most defenseless animals. Therefore, we contribute guest donations and our matching donations to these great organizations. In addition to that, we also offer the possibility of collaborating with our clients through the hiring of the Augusta’s Pet Resort, where our establishment will donate 1€ per pet and night stay to these animal shelters.

In summary, cultivating Social Responsibility benefits us all in so many ways. Not only are we taking measures against the growing problems that are affecting humanity, we achieve greater identity and sense of belonging of our team and our collaborators. Thus, we are constantly pushing towards achieving our goals, not only with short-term vision, but also with an eye on the future.




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