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Solvida´s Class

Solvida’s CLASS official conditions

At the Service of Your Dreams…

From Grupo Solvida Hoteles we want to reward the confidence that you give us everyday. For this, we want to bring you new benefits to celebrate in the company of their own, your special moments with us.

What should you do to get the Solvida’s Class card?

In order to get Solvida’s Class Card you only have to cover 8 stamps within our New Client Loyalty Program: Solvida Passport. Each stamp corresponds to a stay.
What advantages and incentives will have a Solvida’s Class holder?

  • 1. As a Solvida’s Class customer you can get 5€ per day to redeem in Restaurant a la carte or Spa treatments (VAT included), combined with Credit Checks Resort daily obtained (see rates compatible with checks obtaining)
    Not compatible with accumulated Sibaritos on previous promotions.
  • 2. You will enjoy with each one of your stays, special welcome gifts in your room and Vip amenities in your bathroom.
  • 3.Every Solvida’s Class client will enjoy a free night for every 10 Stamps on Solvida Passport at any of the establishments owned by Solvida Group Hotels for Accommodation only. These stays shall be confirmed with a maximum of 10 days before the date of arrival of the Customer, excluding High Season and subject to timetables for implementation in terms of the establishment that you request.
  • 4. Allocation of Preference Room and priority in the Granting of Upgrades (Rooms of higher category will be allocated upon availability)
  • 5. Preferences in our waiting lists.
  • 6. Option of Late check-out for all our Clients Holders of the Solvida’s Class Card (until 3:00 PM hours) and a 25% discount (up to 6:00 PM hours) always upon availability.
  • 7. Possibility to enjoy the early check-in from 10:00 AM hours (upon availability).
  • 8. You can participate for free in the programed activities of the Augusta Wellness Club (consult daily program).
  • 9. 100% Refundable Cancellation Insurance. Purchasing Solvida cancellation insurance, you may recover the amount of insurance if you cancel within the prescribed period (until 18.00 on day of arrival)
  • 10. Exclusive Class Friends Program: For every two bookings that a new friend makes in Solvida Group establishments, you will receive 2 free massages to choose (consult options); for every new friends’ four bookings: 1 stay of a night with accomodation only. Condition to carry out the exchange: 2 nights minimum booking.
    Besides, your friends will enjoy a 5% off accomodation in their booking and a welcome courtesy. In order to enjoy these advantages, it is necessary to introduce a code which will be reflected on the back side of your card, in our online booking-system.
  • 11. A 5% off in Online Store Gift Checks . To enjoy these benefits you have to enter the code that will be reflected on the back of your card at our gift vouchers store .Not combinable with other promotions.

The General Conditions of Use of this card will be reflected in the Group’s Web site:, and may be modified by the Grupo Solvida Hoteles.

For any Doubt or Query, you can send us an e-mail to the following address:, We will be happy to assist you.